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Maddys Information

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:10 am
by GoneToasty
My name is Maddy and I am an Admin on the Rethia server! I was born April 28, 2001. I have been in Rethia since the beginning, and am currently learning Admin commands and responsibilities. I am a Senior in High school, and spend most of my time working on school, working on my art, photography and most of all helping the server grow. Please, let me or any other staff know if you need help with anything, we want to make sure you are happy and taken care of! I'm good with English, but I make up loads of words and silly phrases haha. I like to play bedwars, skywars and build battle on Hypixel. I'm a very weird and outgoing person, so don't be afraid to be yourself around me or any of us really! If anything sketchy happens the server, please let me or the staff know so we can discuss it and figure something out. Make sure to provide evidence so we don't mess anything up. I am a professional builder for the server and I'm here to help with anything in that category as well. My discord is NeoxiizMad#4895 and my minecraft gamer tag is GoneToasty! Hope you have fun and make new friends with us and others!

~ Rethias grape head :mrgreen: